These events introduce foundational concepts of VMTC and their scriptural premise. The emphasis is on each individual’s position in Christ and how this authority can bring personal freedom. A VMTC Team will usually come & lead a time of "Freed to Live" teaching after invitation by local Christian leaders to come & minister to their church or fellowship. A time of personal prayer is often offered at these events. The program can be flexible to fit with the needs of the requesting group. A Freed to Live Day usually includes times of praise and worship, teaching, and reflection.

Some of the Freed to Live Events scheduled for this year are listed below.

Please enquire with the contact as listed or (Tab at the top of this page) for the Region where the Freed To Live event is to be held for more details.

2nd March 2019 - Armidale INC (Resonate) Church, Claude Street - George Battese (02) 67725850 - (NSW Northwest)

Saturday 17th August 2019 - Wagga Baptist Church 9:30am to 4:00pm (all Christian denominations welcome to attend) contact Dorothy Harris Mob: 0409 044492 - email:

Mackay - Far North Queensland - Saturday 24th August 2019 - Faith Centre, Mackay Christian College, 9 Quarry Street, North Mackay, 9am to 5pm - Contact Jason or Toni Attard 0431 416 663 or 0429 556 663. - RSVP 12 August.

I have been able to truly forgive people and receive the Lord’s forgiveness.


Before attending a VMTC School in 2012 at Wyee, I had been held hostage to so many bondages, wrongful self images and un-forgiveness of those who had intentionally wronged me. I believed the lies the enemy had told me, enslaving me to bitterness and…

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