VMTC Schools aim to train people to minister to others, bring personal healing and wholeness, teach on areas of sin and bondage and the way to freedom. It also involves your own confidential prayer ministry session. As it is a training school, you will receive basic training in how to minister God’s healing and will also observe the ministry in action.

From the first school, you will be taught a simple pattern of biblically based prayer that can be used as a structured way of praying for yourself and your fellow Christians. Many powerful testimonies of God's healing, deliverance and freedom have come from using this simple practise.

All schools include precious times of worship, communion and blessing. Advanced training is offered from your third school onwards.

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Please Note!!! If you do not receive an email confirming receipt of your application form, please ring the contact for the school.


March 6-8, 2021
A1 – Canberra

Organisers: P Cartwright / K Watts

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Oct 15-17, 2021
A2 – Canberra

Organisers: J Campbell / P Cartwright / R McClure

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Sydney & South Coast - Gerringong

Apr 8-11, 2021
N1 – Gerringong

Organisers: V Osten / S Hayes

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Sydney & South Coast - Varroville

Nov 4-7, 2021
N4 – Varroville Retreat Centre

Organisers: M Hewitt / K Simon

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Newcastle & Central Coast

Aug 27-30, 2021 - School cancelled due to covid restrictions.
N3 – Camp Toukley

Organisers: P Donohoe / P Patch

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North West

Contact – Phil Weidemann - No School for 2021

Organisers: northwestvmtc at gmail dot com

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Central West

May 27-30, 2020
N2 – Ridgecrest

Organisers: R Spray / P McClure / P Wiedemann

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Apr 22-25, 2021
NT1 – Darwin

Organisers: I Heming / J Campbell

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School cancelled due to covid restrictions
NT2 – Darwin

Organisers: I Heming / P Ticehurst

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Feb 18-21, 2021
Q1 – Sunshine Coast

Organisers: R Smith / S Wockner

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Aug 5-8, 2021 - School cancelled due to covid restrictions
Q3 – Toowoomba

Organisers: R Smith / P Donohoe

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Far North

Mar 12-15, 2021
Q2 – Quinola Lakes

Organisers: G Weingarth / J Attard / P Baker

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This school cancelled due to covid restrictions.
Q4 – Cairns

Organisers: G Weingarth / J vanNamen

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March 17-21, 2021
SA1 – Loxton

Organisers: W Kerber / L Matthews-Want / L Gill

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June 7-11, 2021
SA2 – Robe

Organisers: W Kerber / K Watts

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Sept 28– Oct 1, 2021
SA3 – Adelaide

Organisers: W Kerber / P Baker

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March 18-21, 2021
T1 – Dysart

Organisers: J van Namen / M Hewitt

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June 24-28, 2021
T2 – Ulverstone

Organisers: R Holloway / I Cullen

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Oct 29-Nov 1, 2021
T3 – Launceston (live-out / live-in)

Organisers: A McKenna / P Donohoe

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April 8-11, 2021
V1 – Templestowe

Organisers: I Heming / R Spray

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North Central

Aug 17-20, 2021 Cancelled due to covid restrictions
V2 – Riddells Creek

Organisers: S Hayes / V Osten

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Sept 30-Oct 3, 2021 - School cancelled due to covid restrictions
V3 – Roses Gap

Organisers: I Heming / B Jones

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Feb 26-Mar 1, 2021
W1 – Coodanup (Live out)

Organisers: I Cullen / A McKenna

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Aug 23-26, 2021
W2 – Coodanup (Live out)

Organisers: P Ticehurst / A Tai

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Aug 20-21 & 27-28, 2021
W3 – Coodanup (Live out)

Organisers: L Matthews-Want / C Cullen / D Benness

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Solomon Islands



I had a very checkered past with my mother and father going through a bitter divorce

English Channel

"I had a very checkered past with my mother and father going through a bitter divorce in the 1970’s when I was aged 9 to 11. It was bitter because back then, divorcees had to prove their spouse's infidelity and moral failings in order to be…

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