Hurt by Life, Healed by Jesus

Hurt by Life, Healed by Jesus

by Ian Heming

The cover of this book is a collage of hurts which we may receive as we live life. “Hopeless, depressed, revenge, beaten, isolated, racism, rejected, abandoned, trauma, prostitute, divination, addicted, bullied, raped” and so on. In the book, which is written for believers and non-believers alike, the author explains in a readable fashion how, through the power of Jesus, our lives can be recovered.

The author has gathered up more than twenty years personal experience of ministering to hurt people and includes some things which the reader can do to put themselves on the road to recovery. Hurt people know that time does not heal them, rather time only dulls the pain. They also know that the effects of one hurt can lead to exposure to further hurt.

For real freedom issues have to be dealt with not only practically but spiritually, emotionally and mentally as well. We need to be cleansed of the past and given hope for the future. Many readers have experienced freedom from hurts which have dogged them for years and this book has been a key incentive for them to take the necessary steps toward a better future.


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