Boy junior soccer is like VMTC, maybe that’s why its good for kids. The Father loves his children and has a plan for them, the dad takes his children to practice. The children put their faith in The Father, the children trust that their dads won't leave them. The Father has a place for His children in His Kingdom and he watches over them, each child is given a position in the team and the dads watch them play. The Father forgives His children for their sins, the dads don’t count their children’s mistakes. The bound are set free , the children that start on the bench don’t stay there because the dads make sure with the coach. The injured are healed, the hurt are given first aid and helped back up. The Father's children are under the training of Holy Spirit, the children listen to the coach and do what he says. Evil spirits must go in Jesus name, bad behaviour is not tolerated. Defeat is overcome by victory in Jesus name. If they are tricked, the coach shows the children how they can turn the tables. The children are equipped with Holy Spirit’s gifts and grow spiritual fruit , the children learn skills and begin to pass and score. The Father has prophetic words for his children, the dads encourage their children. The children of God are His glory, the dads are proud of their children. PS The dad can be the mum as well.

Jesus said that he came to give life and life to the abundance and amazing fillings of the Holy Spirit and loved the teaching from all and believing this teaching flows from the heart of the Father and the passion the hunger and unity really loved…

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